Sometimes life takes us to a place…

within ourselves that is unfamiliar, frightening, and lonely. Going back is not an option. Going forward to an unknown future is terrifying. You may have tried medications for the depression, the anxiety, the sleepless nights. Perhaps they helped some–still you feel this unrelenting heaviness that has you stuck.

There is a way back to inner wellness. Surprisingly, scientists tell us that medication for depression is helpful about 65% of the time. Medication combined with psychotherapy has a higher rate of 80-90%. So if you are ready to start finding your way back to wellness, invite someone gifted in the art of inner healing to take that journey with you, someone who can help you map the way. Someone who will meet you where you are.

Whatever the need, Sharon Gayle Counseling would like to partner with you to make the journey through the pain and uncertainty, help lighten the load, and get you pointed towards health and well-being.

Video Counseling Available

Our Online Telehealth Service is a great option for those individuals who cannot make it into the office due to mobility, distance and even level of comfort. This service allows you to enter into counseling and maintain your progress during these times of uncertainty, the spread of COVID-19.

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“Sharon made me feel comfortable from the moment I entered her office. She gave me hope that my anxiety and trauma could be resolved.” – A., former client

Testimonial 1

“Taking care of a family member long distance is really hard. With a family scattered across the country, we could only argue about what to do about mom. Sharon was very helpful in facilitating a decision that we all could live with, including mom.” R., former client

Testimonial 2

“After my injury, I thought I would never be whole again, able to do things I used to do. With Sharon’s patience, compassion, and encouragement, I learned what wholeness is more than strong legs. Healing on the inside helped my body to heal on the outside.” – J., former client

Testimonial 3

“Sharon is a skilled therapist with specialties in order adults as well as caregivers. Her compassion for her clients creates a safe and welcoming environment for healing.” – Janet Anselmo-Henson, MA, LPC, LCDC

Testimonial 4

“I’d had other counselors who gave up on me. Sharon took my one of poetry and used it to teach me how to relate to others in healthier ways. She saw me for myself and not my brain injury.” – R., former client

Testimonial 5

“Sharon is a compassionate therapist that has a solid foundation in counseling. Her office is warm and inviting, you will feel right at home.” – Susan Cizmas, LPC

Testimonial 6

“I Love my dad, but he’s not the dad I grew up with. There were days that I actually prayed that he would die so I did not have to deal with him. So I would no longer be angry, lonely and exhausted. I felt such shame to think that way. Sharon did not judge me for these feelings. Instead she helped me walk through the pain of loving someone who is not who you remember him to be.” M, – client

Testimonial 7
Sharon is an expert in her field. I followed her assignments and listened to her guidance and I got so much better. Sharon taught skills targeted to the specific problems. I highly recommend her.
B., former client, Your Content Goes Here