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You’ve experienced something so terrible that it changed your view of the world, of relationships. Maybe it happened years ago or last week. Doesn’t matter. Friends and family tell you that you need to get over what happened and move on. Well…if you could, you would have done so by now, right? You’ve tried everything: self-help, positive thinking, thought stopping, cognitive therapy, perhaps even drugs and alcohol. Yet, the fear, the anxiety, the depression, the anger, the emotional pain clings to you. You’re unable to shed the dread. You want to move past your past, but you just don’t know how. If this sounds like you, you may have Post traumatic Stress Disorder.

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You ask yourself, why am I feeling anxious all the time? Why can’t I sleep? Why can’t I feel close to family or friends or even my partner? Why is trust so hard? The core of the problem is found in your biology. Your brain needs a little help in processing through and categorizing what happened to you. Your brain needs to make sense of something senseless. PTSD arises when the person experiences something that overwhelms your ability to process what happened to you. This is actually a normal response by a normal person to an abnormal event. Moreover, this response and its feeling may have gone on for so long that you have given up all hope of life ever being better again. Yet, it can get better with proper treatment.

I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) with training and experience in using EMDR to help people who are living with the aftermath of trauma. Symptoms often include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, low self-esteem, substance abuse, which robs them of hope and a sense of connection with life. Among other options for treating these problems, I use EMDR because it is so effective and efficient in starting the healing process and road to recovery.

If you have experienced any of the following types of experiences and suffer from mental health issues because of it, I encourage you to find someone who can guide you towards recovery.

  • Childhood neglect, emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • Family violence, domestic violence, relationship violence
  • Community violence
  • Man-made disasters (war, political unrest, …)
  • Natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires…)
  • Rape, date-rape, sexual harassment at work, assault
  • Robbery, home invasion, car jacking, …
  • Witnessed violence (even you were personally attacked)
  • Bullying at any age, whether personal or cyber
  • Accidents that may or may not have resulted in physical injuries
  • …the list is long.

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