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Seeking counseling is a genuine act of courage

It takes a special type of courage to seek counseling that is worth acknowledging–especially when a person has thought of themselves as confident and capable most of their life. But something has them questioning who they are. At Sharon Gayle Counseling, I specialize in working with adults who are experiencing an overwhelming life challenges. What I love about this work is that, although I initially see people at a low point in their lives, as we work together, the person finds the courage, the skills, and the resilience to keep going and make life worth living. What they gain from the counseling experience generally sustains them later when new life challenges arise.

People who come to me face a variety of life issues: substance abuse, high conflict relationships, caregiving responsibilities, and serious physical illness. Some come after a forced life change, such as job loss, divorce, bereavement, or infidelity. Their struggle highlights that something within was/is missing that they now want to explore what will help them heal.

If you are thinking “I have anxiety…or depression…or anger…”, know that these are symptoms of something in your life that wants to be resolved. I help you uncover the source of your pain and help you heal. Then I help you build resilience to future stressors. My approach is designed to meet you where you are in life and to help you achieve the best outcome possible in the most effective time.

I specialize in working with mid-life through late-life adults and with illness, disability or trauma. Call for a free consultation to discover the possible in your life. Click on the link at the top to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn how I can help.


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