Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are two mental health conditions that are rocking the US in some major ways.

In the United States alone, anxiety is the most common mental disorder affecting roughly 40 million adults, ages 18 and up, on a yearly basis.  It is highly treatable, but many adults suffering from anxiety– estimated goes untreated.

To make matters worse, many people who suffer from anxiety also experience depression. Nearly 50% of those seen by medical and mental health providers for anxiety also show signs of depression.  Anxiety disorders take many forms and affect those suffering in a variety of ways. Moreover, both anxiety and depression stress the body’s immune system putting the sufferer at greater risk for infections and disease. When it rains, it pours.

Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Anxiety and depression aren’t isolated from each other or limited to just teens or young adults – they can be found in older adults and children as well.

Among older adults, for example, General Anxiety Disorder is the most commonly diagnosed and treated anxiety disorder and is usually associated with a fall or an acute illness.

Having anxiety and depression doesn’t have to be the hopeless situation that many people believe it to be.  There IShope.  While medications can help, research shows that counseling is one the best, most effective methods for treating people who are suffering from such conditions.

Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Speaking with a counselor and receiving regular therapy is the most effective way to combat anxiety because it can help uncover hidden causes and teach skills to reduce or eliminate anxiety.  One of the more effective treatments that we offer at Sharon Gayle Counseling is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). In as few as eight weeks, clients have reported marked improvement in their anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and Depression Therapy

If you know someone who might be suffering from an anxiety disorder, please contact Sharon Gayle Counseling for more information and to see how that individual might be helped.






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